You are currently viewing 10KHits Review – My Own Experience – I Not Recommend TO Anyone

10KHits Review – My Own Experience – I Not Recommend TO Anyone

Wondering what kind of traffic 10KHits brings to your website? This 10KHits review tells you exactly what to expect from this company.

Hey, Guys What’s Up? I’m Fine, I hope you also fine as well. Today I’m going to telling you my experience about 10KHits website this website provides your website traffic on behalf of points. two months before I join this website as a paid membership and start to work to increase my website traffic and every day I’m working on 10KHits website 5 to 6 hours, what result I get after to work on it 5 to 6 hours don’t worry I telling you what happens with me.

When I completed my first month on 10KHits website you can imagine I constantly working  5 to 6 hours each day in the first month, after complete first month what happens, what I see in my Google AdSense I totally earn 10 bucks for one month what I realise no buddy click on my ads  CPC rate is 0, i just earn 10$ in whole month I’m very sad after to see it. anyway, after that one thought has come to my mind maybe earning will increase next month so decide to still work on it.

when complete my second half month so what I see you can imagine it no you can’t when I try to login to my Google AdSense account what I see they say your AdSense account disabled for invalid traffic, so, Guys, you can imagine what going on with me how I manage this situation, so I totally recommend you no use any traffic exchange network like 10KHits, Its not real 10KHits just Time Waste no earn money nothing.

At The End Of The Day – (*_*) End 10KHits Review Just Time waste Nothing Else.

Price: $0 – $10 per month
Overall Ranking: 20/100
Summary: Do not waste your time and money on any traffic exchange network because the traffic you will be getting will not convert into sales. You can learn techniques to get free organic traffic which will consequently lead to more sales. That’s it.

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