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Odesk To UpWork | UpWork Jobs | About Upwork – 2019

About UpWork: Before starting Upwork first name is odesk now its change to Upwork and it is a freelancing platform where you create your own profile to get Jobs related to any category and after getting job client give you a five-star review at your profile. 

On May 5, 2015, oDesk officially became Upwork. That day odesk not only launched a new name for our company but also a new platform for connecting businesses with talented professionals, faster and more easily than ever before.  


Now 2019 How You can use UpWork?

If you have any type of still like computer and programming still any still I’m talking about if you have then its a right platform for you just you need to come on and create your new profile as a freelancer, after creating your profile and you get approval from Upwork team then you are able to apply all jobs at Upwork Home page now time is come to find your still related jobs at Upwork and bid it

How To Approve and 100% Compete Your Profile  

Now I told you that why you need to bid your still related jobs, you need to tell the client why they hire you and you need to tell client about yourself and your skill level like which type of work you can Done for him also you need to showcase your previous work which one you Done Before.

After that when you submit your job proposal then client your job proposal and they thing you are able to Done His Work then they Send you to invite thru Upwork and take with you about the project. If you satisfy the client then the client will be Hire you. It’s possible they hire you long terms it’s all depends on you Guys.

One Thing I Forget To Tell You Guys About Jobs Have Two Types Like Fixed-Price Jobs, Hourly Base Jobs,

If you get your get fixed price job then nothing to do just get a project and start work and if you get Hourly base jobs then you need to do one thing before starting the hourly base job.

Its Upwork Track time with the desktop app you need to download time tracker desktop app before starting hourly base job then you download and install Upwork App then you are able you start Upwork hourly base job as well.

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Now you start your first job Right and you need to complete is as soon as the client wants and deliver it to the client thru Upwork after submit your work client have few days you see its and approval it. Incase client now check your final work which one you have done for him then no problem Upwork give time to client check work and approve it if it’s not then Upwork automaticity approves your job and your fund comes in your profile Balance and you can withdraw it as you want in your bank.

If the client sees your work and they approve your work then the client gives you 5-star review at your profile which one is good for you or maybe not its depend on your work which you submit to the client if client satisfaction with your work then definitely they give you good five-star review.

Now you Done your first job at Upwork and now you are able you done your Second job as well. Do it Man, One day is come you are a big freelance at Upwork platform and peoples know about you. And you earn a lot of money from that platform I promise you guys.

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