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TikTok got more traffic than Google in 2021

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TikTok is the world’s most visited site on the internet in 2021. Yes, you read it right, TikTok got more traffic than Google in 2021.

The stats were revealed by Cloudflare in an online blog post. The famous app has been consistently ranked as the highest in internet traffic since early August 2021. A year back, 2020 — Google was on the top spot and TikTok ranked at the 8th spot by Cloudflare report.

TikTok got more traffic

Owned by a Chinese company, previously known as ByteDance, Tiktok was introduced worldwide in 2018. It joined hands with another popular app that influencers started using after using Vine, a popular app that allowed users to post short (7 seconds videos).

Tiktok gained huge popularity after joined hands. Amid COVID-19, the app popularity grew exponentially high as people flooded the app to create their short videos with music used in the background. According to Statistica, Tiktok usage grew to 180% among 15-25 years old. The app was downloaded 315 million times around the same time period.

This year, in July, Sensor Tower data reported that TikTok has been downloaded over 3 billion times, a feat only achieved by the Facebook app before it.


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