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Why I’m Not Getting Orders On Fiverr?

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Fiverr is one of the world’s biggest Freelance marketplace. You can get orders on Fiverr is dependent on creating an attractive GIG that gets orders. When freelancers do not give attention to minor details while creating a GIG, they doubt if it worth spending a lot of time on Fiverr.

If you are a struggling as a freelancer on Fiverr and wondering why I’m not getting orders on Fiverr, here’s what you could be doing wrong.

Why I am not getting orders on Fiverr?
Why I am not getting orders on Fiverr?

As a freelancer who has been doing freelancing for almost two decades, one question I am asked a lot is ‘Sir, why I’m not getting orders on Fiverr?’

I’m going to explain each and every factor that is important, ignored, or perhaps overkilled resulting in a shortage of orders on your Gig.

1. Lack of English/Communication Skills:

Your Gig is your CV and it can not have good English blunders such as:

  • I’m deliver next level work and service with 110% guaranty.
  • I have worked on 100Plus website projects in past five years. I’m a superman so don’t confuse about my skills please.
  • Send me message before ordering – Please please please please, talk me OR brief your task project.
  • I’m the best, you try – I deliver.
  • Choose me I am best ever otherwise your loss.
  • Need work, don’t fear – Joni is here.

Regarding English and communication nonsense, I could go to length — but, I’m going to stop here. A native English-speaking client not pay heed to such Gigs and move to the next Gig for placing their order.

What’s the solution?
I understand, English is not your first language if you are Asian but at least, you can try to improve it. Best ways to improve English is by reading English books a lot, watching TV, and conversing with someone else in English. With practice, you are going better.

I highly recommend you can using Grammarly’s free widget which one you downloaded on your browser. It point out spelling mistake in your writing, Find the tone of your content too.

2. Your Price doesn’t make any sense:

$6 for 2 hours—that’s $3 per hour. $50 for 10 hours—that’s $5 per hour. The larger order, it’s mean more price per hour. This is not best pricing. You are understand, how pricing should be standard.

3. Stop praising yourself:

If your Gig is about you, how you are, how interested you are to get new order and waiting for response, or perhaps, you are new on Fiverr but you have 5 years of experience. It doesn’t work, stop doing this!

Instead. shift the complete focus to the client. Tell them what you are doing for them.

In my point of view , Above 3 elements are very important for creating very nice Gig. Summarizing them again for you.

  • Clean up the English. Again, use the Grammarly widget.
  • Put a pricing program that makes sense. Don’t charge at will.
  • Explain what you can do for the client.

You Should Also Do This:

  1. Optimize your Gig description. Spend time by looking what others have done on their Gig. A Good Gig is user-friendly, point to point, concise, uses correct categories OR keyword tags. It is necessary to break apart keyword phrases when you create tags
  2. Create all possible Gigs you are allowed. This is basic, common-sense advice. The more Gigs you have, the higher chances of getting orders. What’s point of not utilizing in this offer?
  3. Create similar Gigs with different types of services. Noticed that when one Gig gets sold, others also begin to rank higher as well. Having more Gigs with a specific keywords tags helps to get more orders. A specific keyword tag will help a seller rank well for this term.
  4. Promotion is important. This is what you call a ‘Bad job’ and have to spread out the word your Gig. You can do it with word of mouth advertisement, And using social media, email promotion.

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