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How to make money on Facebook?

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Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking website with more active users than the number of cars on the roads and planes in the sky in any busiest city in the world. Facebook may not seem to you as new and edgy anymore but you cannot deny its popularity. This is the reason that many people and businesses try to earn money with Facebook because it has a potential audience.

Making money on Facebook can be challenging as it is not easy to stand out from the crowd. But Facebook is primarily a social network i.e. an online place where people can hang out, connect and socialize, and share things of common interest. It is one of the reasons why it gives posts from someone’s personal account a higher weighting than posts from a page.

Who can make money on Facebook?

Anyone can make money from Facebook but you need to be persistent in your efforts. You can make a first good impression with the quality of your Facebook profile and make sure it makes you look like a real person. It is because there are lots of spammers who are also operating on the platform. Create a separate account so you can keep your personal and business activities separate.

Things you can sell on Facebook?

On Facebook, you can anything such as cars, second-hand goods, handmade items, ebooks, etc. But there are few things that cannot be sold through Facebook and that include alcohol, illicit drugs, tobacco, firearms, animals, certain healthcare products, and real money gambling products.

Following are the ways you can earn money through Facebook

1. Writing a Facebook post:

On Facebook, you can write posts for selling in the section “What’s on your mind?” In these posts, you can include a picture, video and share it with your friends. There can be a link to a product you are selling and if someone watches your content, click on the link they are driven to the product selling page and if a purchase is made, you made money. These can be seen by others if your friends share the post too.

2. Sell Services on Facebook:

If you are a skilled professional, know computer-related skills, know blogging, web designing, graphic designing, or perhaps content writing, you can see these services on the Facebook page. Many people all over the world are following this model and Facebook helps the IT community in their business too.

3. Joining local buy and sell groups:

You need to join your local buy and sell group if you want to sell locally. On Facebook, you can create the post in one group and you have the option to choose other groups even before the post goes live. In order to find the groups in your area, click the Buy and Sell Groups that are present in the Explore menu. Or can even search for group names to filter through different options available.

4. Sell on the Facebook marketplace:

On Facebook, the marketplace is a free-for-feature that allows you to buy, sell, or trade almost anything in your local area. Through Facebook Marketplace, you can share your post with your friends very easily.

5. Facebook Video:

Facebook video monetization is the latest sensation in the content paying space. Like YouTube, Facebook has enabled video monetization for publishers who promote video content on their Facebook page. This facility is for pages only and is not available on profiles and groups. The video has to be over 3 minutes long in order to be eligible for video monetization. Higher the views on the video, the more money a publisher can earn. People are choosing Facebook videos alongside YouTube to increase their earning opportunities.

If you are a tutor, a coach, or a mentor. You can charge your students and audience for a 1-hour session on Facebook Live video.

6. Enter the contests:

To find the newest opportunities, you can join the contest and giveaway groups on Facebook. These giveaways are free and give you a chance to win different items such as Amazon gift cards, kitchen gadgets, etc.

7. Creating Facebook Ads:

Facebook for Business is a page that enables you to create a page with which you can share posts with your page followers similar to writing posts on your timeline. They have a mailing list and you can regularly send messages to your followers if you want.

8. Making an investment on Facebook:

You can invest on Facebook and you don’t have to make an account for that as well. Facebook is publically traded on the Nasdaq Index and the company’s stock ticker symbol is FB. It can be purchased with any brokerage in the IRA or taxable brokerage account. You can buy Facebook stock with Stockpile for three main reasons. First, each trade is 99 cents vs. the industry average of $4.95. Secondly, partial shares can be bought of any individual stock or ETF, and thirdly, new accounts get a $5 gift of any stock.

9. Create a fundraising page:

You can help raise money for a personal cause or a non-profit reason by creating a fundraising page. The fundraising page can be created for a personal emergency, crises relief, health and medical, international, faith, and sports.

10. Finding a new job:

With Facebook’s job board, you can find a new job. In the jobs tab, local companies advertise their open positions. Staying on the same page, you can find other industries for more opportunities. You can join different groups to find new jobs and even get insights into the application process.


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