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Jeff Bezos steps down as Amazon Chief

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From changing the way people do work, make presentations, Jeff Bezos, the richest man on planet earth finally steps out from the helm of the affairs at Amazon.

Jeff is an innovator who not only invented the new eCommerce experience world is hooked too but also improvised and unveiled amazing top-tier management services that orchestrated way to huge organizational growth over the years. Jeff as a boss believed in giving huge freedom to make tough decisions. Jeff was always brave, believed in taking risks, looking after his customers as he genuinely believed in the “customer first” policy at Amazon.

With long game always in foresight, people closer to Jeff tip him as a creative thinker who imagines the future with customer benefit in mind. As he steps down as Amazon’s boss, love him or hate him, he will always be remembered as an innovator who has an eye into the future and introduced best customer practices for small businesses to follow.

Andy Jassy, one of the Closest friends of Jeff at Amazon officially takes over as Amazon CEO as Jeff Bezos steps down after 27 years of service as the chief.


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