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WhatsApp Hasn’t Launch Any Pink Version

if you have look WhatsApp Pink message in any WhatsApp group, not click on it. It is a phishing attempt by hacker to hack your mobile phone and steal your important information. No, WhatsApp has not rolled out any pink WhatsApp

WhatsApp Pink message
WhatsApp Pink Message

WhatsApp Pink message is a virus that’s being spread thru groups OR social media. The virus is projected as an APK file that force to download and installs a pink skin WhatsApp. To no surprise, it is hackers’ attempt to hack your mobile phone and access your data, including photos, videos, and your important banks information.

WhatsApp users are falling victim to a WhatsApp pink message that claims to change your skin to pink from original pink WhatsApp version. This malware is initially spotted by hacker, a cybersecurity researcher on Twitter.

Once you clicked on link, does not achieve any action, instead, it works in the background in an attempt to diligently get access your data OR exploit your credentials on the mobile phone. When penetrated, the hacker has complete access to your mobile phone.

How We Save From This Type Virus?

This Type off Virus a only way to protect yourself is not to click on it and raise awareness on social media by telling peoples it is a scam OR hackers are spreading the link in different WhatsApp groups to get access to Mobile phones and their important information.

Before three years, in 2018 — a similar phishing attempt made in WhatsApp groups. A hacker Launch WhatsApp Gold version, subsequent the same pattern of WhatsApp Pink circulating today, the app was just a link to allow hackers to access your mobile phone and steal the your important data.

WhatsApp Pink Message

One Year later, in 2019, about 25 million Android WhatsApp users are infected with The evil malware. Hacker Generate Fake WhatsApp links that promised to updates version of WhatsApp including video calls, desktop version (back then, both were not officially rolled out by WhatsApp).

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